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Camp Agape Volunteers


All staff members are volunteers and many have volunteered over a long period of time. The staff is supervised by a retired special education teacher with over 40 years of education experience. Medical staff is on site at each camp to administer medications and assess any medical issues.  

As our camps expand, additional volunteers are always needed. Often volunteers fulfill more than one role. 


Responsibilities may include: 

  • Assisting with fundraising

  • Volunteering at a specific camp.

    • Roles include:

      • Kitchen Help

      • Counselors:  directly working with
        campers in supervising daily activities

      • Recreation volunteers

      • Arts/ Crafts volunteers

      • Teachers

      • Logistics help

      • Photograph volunteers

      • Medical volunteers


We are now implementing an application process for all staff members. We would like to have an application on file for all staff members. If you would like to become a volunteer with Camp Agape please complete an application. Please complete an application even if you have volunteered with Camp Agape in the past.

Please email or mail in application upon completion to the following email or address:


Camp Agape

2108 SE 41st

Amarillo, TX 79118


For additional information about volunteering with Camp Agape, please call:

Melinda Gabbard - Program Director



Or see our contact page

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