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About Camp Agape

Agape: God's unconditional love
Camp Agape was founded on the belief that persons with developmental disabilities would benefit from a church camp experience.  All activities are based on the individual needs of our campers.

Camp Agape activities are designed to provide opportunities for our campers to gain skills such as: independent living skills, social skills, and life skills.  Lifelong friendships are developed, cherished memories are made, and opportunities for personal growth are provided for campers and staff.  


All staff members are volunteers and many have volunteered over a long period of time.  The staff is supervised by a special education teacher with over 30 years of education experience. Medical staff is on site at each camp to administer medications and assess any medical issues.




Camp Agape was founded on several core beliefs:

  • We believe in the value of all individuals.  

  • We believe in the dignity of all persons with disabilities or without.  

  • We believe in the dignity of all individuals to take risks & to succeed or fail and learn from those events.

  • We believe in encouraging independence in all campers.

  • We believe in the unconditional love of God:
    I John 4:8, "God is love."




We offer multiple camps for individuals with developmental disabilities. Each camp is designed for a specific group of campers. Eligibility for each camp will be determined by the director and the leadership team. 

Please email Melinda with any questions. 

Thank you!


In 1985, Camp Agape hosted our 1st camp:  25 campers and 20 staff members went to El Porvenir Christian Camp for 4 days.  One or two camps were held for the first 10 years.  In 1995, one larger camp was created. This camp is now held every year at El Porvenir.


Camp Agape at El Porvenir 2014 hosted 80 campers with 120 staff including a worship band.  The format at the El Porvenir camp includes 3 groups of campers:  

  • ACE:  Agape Camper Empowerment-  leadership program

  • ABLE:  Agape Building Leaders through Example- leadership program with more supervision for campers

  • Agape:  Campers who need maximum supervision


In the spring of 2010, camp leaders met the people from the Panhandle Children's Foundation.  Camp Agape at Talon Point was developed and held our first camp in June, 2010.  


Three additional camps are held at Talon Point each year:

Camp Agape Junior:  established in 2011

Leadership Retreat:  established in 2012

Camp Agape Teen:  established in 2013

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